Our Process

A PJM project is a true collaborative effort.

It is always our intention to propose and design something that will be musically appropriate and mechanically reliable, as well as addressing the unique situation of a particular client. However, by its nature no proposal is perfect. Issues unique to each client all have impact on what will ultimately be the “perfect” instrument for your situation. Not every question is solved at the initial stages of the process; instead, we are prepared to partner with you and work towards making the final results thrilling to those who worship with you and worthy of the glory of God.

We see our proposals not as a final solution but, instead, the beginning of a conversation, a partnership between you as the client and us as the builder, that will eventually lead to a custom-made instrument, uniquely suited to your parish. We are more than willing to explore other creative ways of tailoring the specification to meet your musical needs and your budget goals. It is our fervent hope that such collaboration will lead to an instrument that will exceed your every expectation.