Custom Built Pipe Organs

Opus 59

Carnegie, PA St. Elizabeth Ann Seton R.C. Church

In 1992 the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh merged five Carnegie-area parishes into one new parish named for the first American-born saint, Elizabeth Ann Seton. For twelve years, the new parish continued to use three of the six churches belonging to its predecessor parishes. In 2004, a flood stemming from the coincidence of Hurricanes Frances and Ivan rendered two of the remaining churches unusable. The parish took the opportunity to consolidate its operations to one facility. In August of 2010, the most recent Bishop of Pittsburgh, David Zubik, approved parish plans to renovate and expand the defunct St. Luke Church, an 1881 church building associated with Civil War-era Irish immigrants. The outer shell of the building was retained, with brand new worship and office spaces built into it, combining many treasured elements and furnishings from the merged congregations.

Continuing in that spirit, the new Patrick J. Murphy & Associates pipe organ combines portions of the existing organ case with new, uses repurposed pipes gathered from several previously existing organs, and provides brand new windchests, chassis, console and control system.

This organ’s 22 stops of carefully selected repurposed pipework have been rescaled and voiced to engage the fine acoustic with a seamless buildup of well-balanced sound. The three manual console controlling two separate swell enclosures and three unenclosed stops yields a specification of extraordinary flexibility for an instrument of this size. Uncompromising attention to the art of blending stops into choruses has produced an organ that retains an astonishing integrity through a wide variety of musical styles.

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Great Swell Solo Pedal
16′ Bourdon 8′ Violin Diapason 8′ Hohlflute gt 32′ Resultant
8′ Diapason 8′ Stopped Diapason 8′ Chimney Flute gt 16′ Open Diapason *
8′ Principal * 8′ Viola da Gamba 8′ Dulciana 16′ Bourdon
8′ Chimney Flute 8′ Viola Celeste 8′ Unda Maris 8′ Diapason *
8′ Viola da Gamba sw 4′ Principal 4′ Chimney Flute gt 8′ Bourdon
4′ Octave * 4′ Harmonic Flute III Cornet 4′ Super Octave *
4′ Hohlflute 2⅔’ Twelfth 8′ Clarinet 16′ Posaune
2′ Fifteenth 2′ Flautino 8′ Trumpet gt 16′ Bassoon
V Fourniture 1⅓’ Nineteenth    Tremulant 8′ Trumpet
16′ Bassoon sw 16′ Bassoon 4′ Clarion
8′ Trumpet 8′ Trompette
8′ Oboe
Contains most typical inter- and intra-manual couplers. Peterson ICS-4000 includes transposer with playback features and 99 levels of memory.  Stops marked with * are unenclosed.