Custom Built Pipe Organs

Opus 57

Burlington, NJ Doane Academy

We are pleased to announce the re-installation and project completion of the early, 2 manual, mechanical action instrument at Doane Academy of Burlington, New Jersey in early May of 2012.

Patrick J. Murphy & Associates removed the full instrument in late February of 2011 for a complete historical restoration and it has resided in our shop since its completion in the late summer of 2011, awaiting the renovation of the chapel at the academy.

The project consisted of pipework restoration, re-tabling of both chests and a complete re-restoration of the original manuals, actions and keydesk. The circa 1900 pine casework was completely stripped and a faux-grained finish applied reminiscent of what was believed to be the style and type of the original. A replica bench was manufactured to replace the original that was found to be beyond repair.



Hall and Labaugh (c. 1854)/George Jardine and Son (1900)

Great Swell Pedal
8′ Open Diapason 8′ Geigen Diapason 16′ Pedal Subbass
8′ Melodia 8′ Lieblich Gedeckt 16′ Pedal Bourdon
8′ Dulciana 8′ Viole d’Orchestre       Great to Pedals
8′ Stopped Bass 8′ Unison Bass       Swell to Pedals
4′ Harmonic Flute 4′ Traverse Flute
    Swell to Great 8′ Oboe
    Swell to Great Oct.    Tremulant