Pipe Organ Signature Custom Organ Consoles

We take great pride in our signature low-profile movable drawknob consoles, developed over many years to provide ultimate comfort and convenience to the player/director while being flexible to tailor where space is at a premium. We embrace the latest control system technologies and make appropriate accommodations to facilitate their use in everyday liturgical context. A key concept in the evolution of this design has been a desire to allow optimized sight lines between the organist and other musicians, particularly when the organist also serves as conductor from the console.

Our goal is to provide the elegant look and ergonomic feel and of a traditional drawknob console. We also offer several versions of terraced and Skinner style console designs. Our view is one of balance, tasteful execution, and ultimate practicality with minimal clutter. The organ console and pedalboard can easily be moved as a single unit on hidden casters. The aesthetic appeal of our consoles complements the overall construction that is as sturdy as it is comfortable and beautiful.

Features of our signature custom organ consoles include:

  • All solid hardwoods; 4-sided, raised panel design
  • Tempered glass music rack
  • Integrated music rack and pedalboard LED lighting that produces no heat and comes with rheostat for adjustable brightness
  • Optional adjustable bench
  • Tambour roll top with lock
  • Sliding utility drawer located below bottom manual
  • Discreet, non-marring casters for movable option

Our signature organ consoles may be customized. We can modify and add additional accessories, embellish cabinetry, and expand the drawknob capabilities, as well as other artistic, visual, or musical modifications.  Our signature consoles have been created to have a low profile, small footprint, and to be a truly fine piece of musical furniture. A terraced style, drawknob console design is also available.

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Custom Replacement or Rebuilt Consoles

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Whether it is the updating of an existing console to the latest components and solid-state circuitry, or the production of a new console for an existing instrument, Patrick J. Murphy & Associates is well suited to provide assistance with your instrument’s console and control system. We will work with you, your organist, or a consultant to design a custom organ console that reflects the musical integrity of the organ it controls, and compliments the architectural style of the room in which it sits. Our staff has the experience and expertise to then construct the most elegant cabinetry and the most reliable mechanical or electric action to match your vision.

Just what happens when a console gets rebuilt? Essentially, all internal components are replaced with solid-state systems. Keyboards and pedal board are evaluated along with the wooden shell. If desirable, they are refurbished and retained. New contacts are installed under the keyboards and pedal board as well as on the expression and crescendo shoes. New solid-state drawknobs or stop keys are installed along with new thumb pistons and toe studs. We install a new solid-state relay including a multi-memory combination action, and features such as a transposer, record/playback capability, and MIDI compatibility that allows synthesizers and other electronic keyboard instruments to be played through the console.

If there is the possibility of adding stops at some point in the future, console and relay preparations for them can be made at this time, usually at a fraction of the cost of adding them later on.