Customer Testimonials

Zion Lutheran Church – Baltimore, Maryland

“…it is such a fine instrument that I thought to myself, ‘this can play anything!’  I had a grand time devising the program, practicing, and finally performing.  All of this was made so easy not only by your gracious hospitality, but by the gem of an instrument you have installed at Zion.  May it continue to enlighten the minds of all who hear Patrick’s instrument, and build strong foundations for all of Baltimore and future generations.”

~Eric Plutz, University Organist, Princeton University

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church – Pennsburg, Pennsylvania

“…we were impressed with the quality and sound of the organs built by Patrick; we thought they were superb. Patrick was very professional and personable in his conversations with us. He helped build and design a terrific instrument that met the needs of St. Mark’s, helping us continue to glorify God in our music and hymnody; and, an organ that helps beautify our sanctuary, highlighted by a movable handcrafted white oak console, built in the PJM shops.”

“ Needless to say, we were very pleased with our organ from Patrick J. Murphy & Associates and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a pipe organ.”

~ Rev. Charles E. Romanowski, Pastor

University of Scranton – Scranton, Pennsylvania

“Thank you all so very much for the tremendous care you provide for our organ! From the very first meeting we had with you, I knew you were “the ones”. The honest and straightforward discussion we had that morning, combined with your obvious passion for and knowledge of the instrument, motivated us to decide then and there that your company was our choice. The outcome of the rebuild was everything we hoped for. The educational aspects of your work here have truly enabled me to be an effective steward of the instrument by having a better understanding of its operation and needs. I appreciate not only the quality of the work you all do, which is self-evident to everyone in attendance when the instrument is heard, but the level of support you provide in so many ways from ease of contact and prompt response to timeliness and concise communication.”

~ Cheryl Boga, Director of Bands

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church – Andorra, Pennsylvania

“Patrick Murphy is a creative, mechanically solid and tonally inspired organ builder, willing to embrace new ideas in organ design. Through years of training and job experience, he possesses and actively uses his thorough understanding of all the fundamental issues related to the running of a successful business, whether in the financial, interpersonal or artistic arenas”.

~ Wesley Parrott, Organist

St. Paul’s R.C. Church – Princeton, New Jersey

“I have found Patrick Murphy to be superb in his profession and very accommodating and easy to work with. The organ was removed and meticulously rebuilt. We were informed of all of the steps that were needed and invited to his workspace to review his progress. The Skinner instrument was rebuilt to the beauty and artistry that it was meant to be. It has enhanced our parish worship and has been a great gift to us for many concerts. Patrick Murphy could not have been more helpful and gave us a very fair price for rebuilding this gift to our parish of St. Paul’s in Princeton. The parish is completely satisfied and proud of our Skinner Organ and Patrick Murphy maintains his friendship and advice to us. I am well pleased to highly recommend Patrick J. Murphy & Associates to any interested party and to welcome anyone to visit our parish and our magnificent Skinner Organ.”

~ Msgr. Walter E. Nolan, Pastor

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church – Baltimore, Maryland

“Patrick and his team did a marvelous job in assisting us with our project to build a beautiful and appropriate organ for our church. This is, of course, a major undertaking and he provided courteous, expert and honest help every step of the way. He carried out the project fully from start to end and even gave us more than was contractually promised. I would give him the highest recommendations.”

~ James Harp, Organist and Cantor

St. Patrick’s R.C. Church – New Orleans, Louisiana

“It was a great pleasure to play the inaugural recital on your instrument in St. Patrick’s Church in New Orleans. The organ is tailored beautifully to the church and offers a rich variety of colors and performer–friendly registration controls. It is no wonder that everyone I met in the parish expressed delight with your fine achievement.“

~ Thomas Murray, Professor of Organ, University organist, Yale University

St. Ignatius R.C. Church – Baltimore, Maryland

“Patrick Murphy and his staff rebuilt our instrument in superb fashion. They have made all the original pipes resonate with quality sound and tone. Their work has been simply remarkable. Our organist is deeply pleased with the results. Not only did the company complete the work on time but also interacted with our staff in a highly professional way from start to finish. We were extremely satisfied with what Mr. Murphy and his company accomplished.”

~ Fr. Bill Watters, SJ, Pastor

St. Mary’s Church of the Immaculate Conception – Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

“It was always my belief that the organ was worth making an investment in rebuilding. . . I was surprised beyond my expectation with the finished product after the complete restoration, rebuilding and tonal refinishing of the organ . . .the team from PJM was a pleasure to work with during the process. They were always prompt, courteous, hardworking and delivered as they said they would. They are expert craftsmen and great people to work with. It would be my pleasure to recommend them to anyone considering rebuilding an existing organ.”

~ Mark Ignatovich, Director of Music Ministry

Trinity Lutheran Church – Reading, Pennsylvania

“We are so pleased with the results of our Patrick Murphy & Associates organ. As a pastor, I’m delighted that it leads worship supremely well, with a beautiful blending of sounds that encourages congregational singing in much the way a good choir does. The organ has a warmth sometimes lacking in newer instruments, the sort of sound that wears well and keeps one wanting more. It is powerful without assaulting, and all of the voices are so much more ‘present’ than with our previous instrument. The organ is visually stunning, blending so beautifully with our 1792 Georgian architecture that it looks as though it’s always been there. In this congregation, founded in 1751, history and tradition are significant elements of our identity, and incorporating the former organs is a tangible connection with our past.

As satisfying as the finished instrument is, I must say that the process of building and installation was every bit as much a blessing for us. It reaffirmed for me Martin Luther’s sense of vocation–all work as call from God–so that designers, wood workers, electricians, voicers and installers were seeking the same goal: building an instrument to the glory of God. I don’t think we could ask for more.”

~Rev. Fred Opalinski, M. Div., Senior Pastor

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton R. C. Church – Carnegie, Pennsylvania

“Patrick J. Murphy & Associates have been models of professional conduct. I am especially grateful for Patrick’s perfect transparency: He was marvelously precise in his design specifications, proposal, and schedule, and he delivered precisely as planned—following the year’s schedule to the hour, the proposal to the dollar, and the design to the quarter-inch—but with exquisite quality in every detail. In the follow-up voicing, and also in the routine maintenance contract eventually awarded to Patrick J. Murphy & Associates, the organbuilder was sensitive to the pastoral exigencies such as funerals, and has provided us with excellent service. I wholeheartedly recommend Patrick J. Murphy & Associates.”

~ Fr. David G. Poecking, Pastor

St. Hugo of the Hills R.C. Church – Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

“It is with great pleasure that I offer my unqualified endorsement of Patrick Murphy & Associates. Their consummate professionalism and commitment to the highest of artistic standards produced for us an organ of great beauty that will well serve our community of faith for many, many years. Their sensitivity to the history of the original instrument allows us to move forward in our music ministry, yet respects the rich heritage of our stone chapel, creating an instrument that is perfectly harmonious with its elegant surroundings. We have been given a great gift by the team of Patrick Murphy & Associates, and the clergy, staff, and parishioners of St. Hugo of the Hills couldn’t be more pleased!”

~ John E. Sittard, Director of Music