Passion and Experience

March 12, 2006 dedication recital performed by Paul Jacobs with Patrick Murphy to Paul’s right.

On May 7, 2006 Organist Ken Cowan performs for The Baltimore Chapter of the AGO with Patrick Murphy to Ken’s right.

Musically Superior

installed great pipeworkThe strings are warm and vibrant, the Willis tuba is thrilling, the Harmonic Flute on the Great (my special request) is opulent, the mutation stops and mixtures offer a much needed element of brilliance...
—James Harp, Cantor

Transcending Esthetice and Artistic Visions

opus 180Above all, and this has been remarked upon by many, the organ seems as if it “belongs” at St. Mark’s. The scaling, in every way, is appropriate to the room, and the English Romantic warmth and color of the tonal structure finds a happy and appropriate home in the warmth and polychromatic design of our historic and beautiful sanctuary.
—James Harp, Cantor

Attention to Detail

consoleFinished console shell.

installation photoComponents waiting to be installed.

installation photoChris running wires.

installation photoChamber relay.

installation photoMatt Farrell sorting out pipework.

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD

PJM 2005–3 manual, 34 stop SpecificationsConstruction & Installation

opus 46The tonal design is reminiscent of English Romanticism. Features include a partially enclosed Great, 8' Harmonic Flute, 16' wood Violone, and a large scale high pressure “Willis” style Tuba playable on the Choir at 8' and Pedal at 16'. The Echo division remains unaltered at this time and was integrated into the new instrument, as was the Trumpet En Chamade located in the Gallery and exposed under a rose window.

New Blackinton style slider wind chests for the main manual stops were constructed in the woodshop. Most unit chests are Electro-pneumatic in design. The drawknob console was constructed of oak and cherry, and features EM Skinner styled keyboards and toe stud pistons.

opus 46 consoleMultiple levels of memory with transposer and record/playback features provide the necessary flexibility for this respected high liturgical downtown location.

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Construction & Installation
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St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD

PJM 2005–3 manual, 34 stop
Electric Action
Great Swell (enclosed) Choir (enclosed)
16' Violone (ch) 16' Lieblich Gedackt (ext) 8' Geigen Diapason
8' First Open Diapason 8' Open Diapason 8' Chimney Flute
8' Second Open Diapason 8' Stopped Diapason 8' Melodia
8' Harmonic Flute 8' Salicional 8' Flute Celeste
8' Chimney Flute (ch) 8' Vox Celeste 4' Geigen Octave
8' Gamba (ch) 4' Principal 4' Blockflute
4' Octave 4' Harmonic Flute 2 2/3' Nazard
4' Blockflute (ch) 2' Principal 2' Flute (ext)
2' Fifteenth IV Plein Jeu 1 3/5' Tierce
IV Mixture 16' Bassoon (ext) 1 1/3' Larigot (ext)
16' Bassoon (sw) 8' Cornopean 8' English Horn
8' Cornopean (sw) 8' Oboe 8' Clarinet
8' Clarinet (ch) 4' Clarion 8' Tuba
8' English Horn (ch) 8' Vox Humana 8' Trumpet en Chamade (gallery)
8' Tuba (ch) Tremulant Tremulant
8' Trumpet en Chamade (gallery)   8' Harp
Chimes   4' Harp
32' Open Diapason
32' Bourdon
16' Open Wood Diapason
16' Bourdon
16' Lieblich Gedackt (sw)
16' Violone (ch)
8' Diapason (gt)
8' Octave Wood (ext)
8' Bourdon (ext)
4' Principal (gt)
32' Contra Trombone
16' Trombone (ch)
16' Bassoon (sw)
8' Tuba (ch)
4' Oboe (sw)

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St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD

Chest ready for finishing.
Mihaly drilling pouch boards for the tuba chest.
Bill Buckley gasketing primary board on slider chest.
Jack making a new box for the existing façade.
construction photo
Completed pedal chest.
construction photo
Great chassis set up in shop.
construction photo
Swell box frame and chassis set up in shop.
construction photo
Original gold pipes being stripped.
construction photo
Mihaly mitering pipes
installation photo
Installing Swell chest.
installation photo
Lifting Swell shades into place.
installation photo
Matt F. connecting Swell shades.

console close-upconsole close-up 

great pipes
swell pipes
choir pipes

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