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Master Craftsmanship

Our team of experienced craftsmen regard what we do as a labor of love. The same artisans who conceive the instrument engineer and produce it in the shop and then see it through to completion on-site. Our company is small enough to be responsive, and large enough to make it happen.

We might be considered a “Boutique Builder” with our unique designs, global outlook, premiere quality craftsmanship and materials. Yet we are real-world pragmatists, offering a down-to-earth approach, and placing a high priority on personal relationships. Elegance with a total lack of pretense.

Assembling the Pipe Organ

A Wealth of Experience

With nearly 200 total years of industry experience in design, construction, repair and maintenance of pipe organs, the staff at Patrick J. Murphy & Associates, Inc. brings this vast knowledge and practical expertise to every project. In short, we believe that our hands-on approach and years of experience in finding pragmatic solutions is what sets us apart in all that we do.

As one of the few nationally known pipe organ builders that also routinely provides maintenance and tuning services to various makes and types of instruments in the local area, we bring a unique, long-term perspective to organbuilding: a relationship of stewardship and partnering with our clients for a sense of ownership over the lifetime of the instrument.

Artistic Pragmatism

In close partnership with our clients we develop and provide an artistically pragmatic solution, specific to their unique and specific set of circumstances. Whether a custom built instrument or the rebuilding or renovation of an existing instrument, a tremendous amount of thought and care goes into the development of every project.

We often find that the visual and tonal design of the instrument and its mechanical layout will evolve as we learn more about the space, the needs of the organist and congregation and its liturgical traditions. Our goal is a final product worthy in its scope of the glory of God, thrilling to those who worship with you, and a legacy for generations to come.

Pipe Organ Builders

A pipe organ is an individual artwork, built by skilled artisans and craftsmen. After considering the architecture, acoustics and the liturgical and musical needs of the congregation and its musicians, each instrument is designed for the room into which it will sing. While all modern pipe organ builders strive to take advantage of modern technology and materials, we also remain committed to the tried and true principles and methods of organ building that have served past builders for generations.

Since 1987, many churches and institutions have turned to Patrick J. Murphy & Associates for assistance in bringing their vision to life. With our reputation for skill, craftsmanship, quality and overall excellence, it is not surprising that many prestigious organizations have made Patrick J. Murphy & Associates their choice for pipe organ services. Whether you seek a new instrument, a restored, rebuilt or renovated organ, repairs, services, or routine tuning and maintenance, we can guide, plan and execute, partnering with you and members of your congregation to find a pragmatic solution that is uniquely yours. The result is a reliable, durable and elegant instrument that is manageable to the organist, mechanically reliable and a singularly beautiful work of art to the beholder from one of the most respected pipe organ companies.

Some of our Instruments

This short, 3½ minute video provides the viewer with a brief company overview of Patrick J. Murphy & Associates. It discusses the three important requirements for successful organbuilding: musical support for Congregational Singing, an expressive and dynamic palette for Choral Accompaniment and for playing the Organ Literature. It gives the viewer a quick overview of the company, its facilities and the organbuilding process, and discusses the importance of selecting an organbuilder you can trust. For a builder with a passion for Pipe Organs, choose Patrick J. Murphy & Associates, one of the finest pipe organ companies. – Click on the image above to view our brief company introductory video.


Our informative 67-minute DVD, “Sound Decisions” has been created with those who serve on church organ committees in mind, and includes an in-depth visit to an organ completed by Patrick J. Murphy & Associates, for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Carnegie, Pennsylvania. It gives the viewer a concise and easy to understand introduction of organ design and function, along with many helpful recommendations that will ensure success as your committee leads your congregation through the process and purchase of a pipe organ or the successful completion of an organ restoration or repair project. – Click here to order your DVD today.

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